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 Create Your Own Checklist Using our Template Dauntless Aviation

From your comments in email and the large number of downloads of our Warrior, Archer, and C150M checklists, we're happy to see that many of you like the checklists that we've created for public consumption. Indeed, if imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then flattered we certainly are given how many of you have gone and created checklists for your own aircraft based on the compact, kneeboard-sized "normal procedures on front, emergencies on back" format that we developed.

We received many emails from you over the years wanting the "source" for our checklists. For a number of reasons, we have largely been unable to do this.. until now. Now, if you want to use our Visio files as the basis for some aircraft checklist that you'd like to make, we're happy to accomodate.

However, a few terms and conditions will apply. Please read these carefully.

  • In order to maximize the benefit to all pilots, you agree to email us back the visio source file (and a .PDF, if you can make one from it) of any checklist you make using our template. We will then (most likely) post your checklist (not the visio source file, but a .PDF thereof) to our popular handling notes / checklists page for all to enjoy.
  • If you use our template, you please keep the Dauntless Software / FAATest.com copyright notices / web-site name / tagline intact. Hey, let us benefit a bit for our hard work by letting others hear of us and our website. You may supplement this with your own copyright notices, logos, etc--but the key here is supplement, not replace.
  • You may not, under any circumstances, sell or otherwise directly profit from the checklists you make with this template. Renting out an airplane with the checklist inside is ok. Selling the checklists on ebay is not, even if you claim that the checklist is free and you're just charging shipping and handling.
  • You may not release either our template OR YOUR VISIO FILE BASED ON OUR TEMPLATE to others.

To make use of our file, you need to have Microsoft Visio. No technical support will be provided for either Visio or our checklist Visio file.

WARNING WARNING WARNING: Making a checklist using our template is harder than doing it with another tool, such as MS-Word, but the results with our template can be much better. If you just want to do a quick-and-dirty checklist, MS-Word or a similar program will do. Our Visio-based checklists are more "dense" and take a lot of time to create. Even if you start with our template, expect to spend a minimum of 2-3 hours getting even relatively minor changes to your liking.

What is Visio? Microsoft Visio is a drawing program that comes with many but not all versions of Microsoft Office. To see if you have Visio installed, find where Word and/or Excel are located in your start menu. If you have Visio, there will usually be an icon for it somewhere around there. Sorry, these files are not editable in Excel or Word. It is, of course, possible to make checklists in Excel or Word, but Visio is, in our opinion, a more useful tool for this--at least the sort of "super dense" checklist type as described here.

[Click here to download the Visio checklist template]

please remember to email a copy of whatever checklist you create with this to

so that we may put it up on the site for all pilots to benefit from. If you're concerned about liability or modesty, just ask and we will post your submission anonymously.

[back to checklists / handling notes page]

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