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 Create Your Own Checklist Using our Template Dauntless Aviation


Please read this important notice before downloading the checklist template below.


Dear Friends,

Reminder: when you download the template below, you agree that you WILL email me back a copy of whatever new checklist you have created with it so that I may consider putting it up on the website for the benefit of all. This is NOT optional, but rather a condition of your downloading the template in the first place.

This is a way for more checklists to get out there and for the aviation community to grow.

Over the past several months, this template has been downloaded hundreds of times. While a number of those downloads may not have resulted in new checklists being created, I'm sure some have. In fact, I've walked into two FBOs recently that had created checklists based on this template - neither had emailed me! In fact, of late I have gotten NO new checklist submissions (from my template or not) despite many tens of thousands of downloads of aircraft checklists. If you're concerned about liability or modesty, just ask and I will post your submission anonymously. I am particularly interested in aquiring checklists for aircraft for which no checklists currently exist in the database, but in general the more checklists the better.

Your checklist submission can be emailed to me (in Microsoft Visio™, PDF, or any other reasonable format) to:

Thank you for your understanding, and blue skies!

Checklist page maintainer

[Click here to download the Visio checklist template]

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